Just as the poet can use everyday words to create exquisite poetry, so too the painter can use the lines and forms that make up a person's appearance  to create visual poetry...this is the essence of what I call Post Modern Portraiture.


My compositions are a planned spontaneity much as jazz compositions are formed. In both cases the designed form is open to improvisation as elements in the design present themselves. 



Halcyon represents a period of peace and happiness, an idyllic time, free of storms.  Images reflecting these ideas can inspire a sense of calm serenity much needed in a complicated condensed and stressful world.


Jazz Inks

My drawings are often of figures with their musical instruments.  These are musicians whose names remain unknown, who are devoted to their art, and who perform long into the night with little expectation of fame or reward



The Artist

The gesture of line, the rhythm of forma and color, the wholeness of unified surface. Life and living are my inspiration - music, dance, people, places, and even plants and animals. Subjects that provide a mirror to ourselves.
— M.H.