Jazz NOLA Style

The Gallery at Flat Rock hosted an Artist Table February 13, 2018 featuring one of my new paintings, "Jazz Nola Style", with a dinner of New Orleans cuisine created by Chef Todd Malin. The evening included a talk and demonstration while listening to the music of the Richard Shulman jazz trio.

Those sketches have evolved into a finished painting which will be unveiled at The Gallery at Flat Rock on April 26, 2018.  

Bluegrass Art: Painting & Music- "Mountain Souls"

   "Mountain Souls" Oil on Canvas 72x72” diptych by Marsha Hammel. Private Collection, Asheville, NC.


"Mountain Souls" Oil on Canvas 72x72” diptych by Marsha Hammel. Private Collection, Asheville, NC.

When Tom Godleski, leader of the bluegrass band, Buncombe Turnpike, asked if I would be interested in creating art for the bands' newest CD, I was delighted to say YES!

As the band rehearsed in Tom's handmade barn near West Asheville, I made drawings of the musicians with their guitars, mandolin, fiddle and stand-up bass. The original music that Buncombe Turnpike is known for is true to the traditions of bluegrass yet the lyrics are timely and contemporary; a perfect example of the RetroForward concept (see the above entry on Jazz: Music and Painting).

The resulting painting, a two-panel (diptych) whose title, "Mountain Souls" was named by ten year old Grayson Hackett, has been one of my most enjoyable collaborations to date.    

Jazz Art: Music & Painting- "Rehearsing the Gershwin Songbook"

"Rehearsing the Gershwin Songbook" Oil on Canvas 54x72” by Marsha Hammel. Private Collection, UK

Jazz singers and musicians gathered in my studio to present a program of George and Ira Gerswin's songbook to an audience of about fifty people.

While the musicians were rehearsing I was making sketches. The resulting composition represented a collaboration of artists working in the present and the past. "Rehearsing the Gershwin Songbook" is a large oil painting that expresses the idea of the RetroForward Project perfectly. That is, the artistry of the past inspiring the new artistry of the present and the future.

Many thanks to Elise Irby Pratt, Terry Neal, Steve Cohen and Lenore Thom. Great fun; lets do it again!